Since 2007, RRC has carried out statistical sampling studies in connection with numerous RMBS litigations including Assured Guarantee Municipal Corp, v. Flagstar Bank et al., Civil Action 11-CIV-2375 (JSR), prepared expert reports, and provided both deposition and trial testimony. The studies have covered cases with anywhere from one to over one hundred trusts containing from one thousand to over seven-hundred-thousand loans.

On behalf of the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, RRC was one of two contractors in 2011 who jointly carried out an economic analysis of the agency sector of the Pennsylvania title insurance industry. In carrying out the study, we developed a stratified random sample of 4,000 agents. RRC is currently assisting the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation to analyze the results of an initial title agency data collection program covering several thousand agents.

RRC has carried out evaluations of title insurers and agents for clients on both the selling and buying sides of merger and acquisition transactions, at stages ranging from selection and valuation of acquisition candidates through due diligence investigations.

RRC developed measures of the economic value of rights to use proprietary data on the safety and efficacy of pesticides to register commercial pesticide products with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. RRC presented expert testimony on the results of this work before the EPA’s Administrative Law Judge at the first hearing on mandatory licensing of such data under FIFRA. RRC subsequently presented expert testimony on this topic before two American Arbitration Association panels, and advised private clients on structuring data licensing agreements.