The Value of being an In-House Research Company

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The Value of being an In-House Research Company

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Here at Regulatory Research Corporation, our main goal is always to serve our clients with the absolute best statistical and economic analysis & studies. This kind of research can be paramount to a company’s goals. Therefore, each piece of information we provide must be both accurate and reliable, from title insurance rates to statistical sampling. That is why we at RRC prefer to conduct our research in-house.

Skilled Team

Reliable research must always be conducted by reliable people. RRC’s senior personnel carry the right level of experience in searching, analyzing, and translating the various pieces of information into the needed data for our clients. They work like detectives to know which kind of data can be trusted, and which cannot for proper statistical studies and economic analysis. Sometimes both of those pieces of data can be found in the same spot.

It is more than just citing sources, it is about knowing the reliability of the sources. They also need to be able to articulate the data in an understandable way. Not everything can be translated into basic charts and numbers. Our team always begins with getting to know the client and figuring out their type of language, along with the data that they require. Whether it is for Title Insurance Rates, Validation Studies, or Analytical Support and Expert Testimony, we do not kid around when it comes to accurate information.


Another key benefit of having a research team in-house is the level of security it brings. When someone outsources their research, they generally know less about how the final data is conducted. They are not aware of the level of integrity and responsibility that the outsourcing party is implementing into their work. This becomes not only more stressful on our side, but also for the client. The data that they receive might not be as reliable with their expectations. In short, why should you come to us for help if we are simply going to get someone else to write for you?

In-House = Company Assurance

Simply put, consulting and data research is supposed to be a source of assurance for companies. It is not something anyone should have to worry about. But there are many factors that go into research for Statistical Sampling and Title Insurance Rates. So in order for things to be as controlled as possible, we choose to work in-house. Not only will this bring you accurate and legal data, but it means that you can sit back and do what you and your company do best, while we do the same for you. For more information on our statistical and economic analysis services, be sure to contact Regulatory Research Corporation today.

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